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Accessible Modifications

Home modifications allow people who have disabilities to stay at home longer by creating a friendlier and easier environment to complete the tasks of daily living.  Route 56 can handle all of the adjustments for you, including ramp construction, grab bar installation, doorway widening, and countertop lowering. To view a checklist of the requirements on accessible homes modifications, click the link below.

Walkways & Ramps

Maintaining your lifestyle requires being able to enter and exit your house with ease.
With a vast range of materials, we can construct permanent or temporary ramps that are tailored to your preferences.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

There are many things to consider when making your kitchen more accessible. From different appliances to countertops, all of which must be adjusted for ease of use. 


Most accidents happen in the bathroom over any other room in the house, especially for people with disabilities. So making your bathroom more accessible is a MUST. Some things we can do is installing grab bars and roll-in showers, as well as non-slip surfaces and chair accessible toilets.

Other Home Modifications

Other home modifications to help make life easier include:
Automatic Door Openers
Widening Doorways
Hand Rails on Both Sides of Stairs
Seamless Floor Transitions
Illuminated Light Switches

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